Video: Mont Tremblant Skiing

So back when I was living in New England, we’d often have to chase the snow further and further north until it was actually snowing. That’s not much of a problem here in California, since in the winter there’s almost always snow in the mountains – just need to change out of my shorts and into something a bit warmer and we’re good to go!

This video is from one of those days – where my dad and I planned on skiing in New Hampshire, but the forecast had other ideas for us. Instead, we drove much further, across the border, through Montreal, to Mont Tremblant. Being the highest peak after long swaths of Canadian plains, when a storm comes, it delivers a huge chunk of snow on Tremblant, basically guaranteed.

My dad, as usual, volunteered to drive – basically the entire way. So, I took advantage of that, and filmed a whole bunch, both with my DSLR and a GoPro. Check out the results of that below!

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