In a digital world, your packaging and printed material needs a bit more love to stand out. My print and packaging design will help elevate your position on the shelf, at the trade show, or anywhere in between.


Red Rocket Catalog

Red Rocket Pets, a pet product company out of California, needed a catalog to use at trade shows and sales meetings. We rounded up images from cat lovers, created a few renderings, and took all of the studio photography in order to create a clean, concise piece of literature.

Designed for Red Rocket Pets. 25 pages, plus cover, printed. View full catalog here →

Tinkle Toilet Trainers

How do you sell a potty trainer? It took a while to wrap my head around it too. On the shelf, it’s fairly obvious what it’s made for – plus you can hold it, feel it, and get a good sense of what you’re getting yourself into. I took the photographs necessary to make this packaging pop – it needs to look “in use” without turning people away. Have you ever tried to take a photo of children – but with actual directions on what they need to do??

Designed for Prince Lionheart. Shelf product, full color cardboard package with hanger. 

Tetra Productions

Tetra Productions LLC, a film production company originally based out or Newport, Rhode Island, needed branding for their printed pieces – contracts, waivers, final scripts, you name it. My personal favorite piece we created was their business cards – printed with a pressed gold foil logo on the front.

Designed for Tetra Productions. Printed on a variety of stationary. 

Red Rocket Packaging

To coincide with the launching of Red Rocket Pets, a few different versions of packaging had to be prepared.

The first is the direct-to-consumer shipper that can also be used on the shelf in big-box stores. While many shipping carriers prefer minimal information on shipping parcels, it was determined this particular design was low-risk.

The second set of packages is the shelf packaging for the Kitty Twist’r® and Multi Kitty Twist’r® refill bag packaging. These are designed for the 10 pack of refill bags, with a resealable top for easy use and storage.

Designed for Red Rocket Pets.