Amazon A+ Content

Selling on Amazon is like fighting for shelf space in the worlds largest superstore that only has one shelf per aisle – and you’re required to fight with swords to gain the rights to that shelf. Weird analogy, right? With Amazon, you have to play by their rules in order to get the top spot, and everyone has the same tools as you. While it makes a somewhat level playing field, you can amass a larger army of keywords and selling power by taking advantage of their A+ content.

With the majority of Prince Lionheart’s business moving to online sales, taking over the digital shelf space was key to their success. I developed listings for their wipes warmers that showed that made them better than the competition – better build, longer lasting wipes, and no germs to worry about. Doing competitor research, keyword research, and working up some strong and detailed imagery, this A+ content along with a few other products have moved from mid-page listings to Amazon Choice.

Aqua Science Website Redesign

Still in the development phases, we worked with Aqua Science to redesign their e-commerce website as they moved from Magento 1.8 to version 2.1, since the former is being phased out. While keeping the core flow of the site the same, the goal was to modernize the look while providing some greater functionality, along with more product attributes in the main listing level.

WheelyBUG Website

In conjunction with the launch of a WheelyBUG television advertisement spot, a clean and concise website was required to maximize conversions. This single-product site was built on the Shopify platform, using only free themes and free additional functionality applications.

The content for this site was centered around the existing Amazon A+ content built for these products, with adjustments made to better fit a website. With the site based around a single product with a few variants, we had a larger canvas to really sell the product – especially if the initial impression was made on a short television spot, we needed to reassure the potential buyer and close the sale in as few clicks as possible.